State & Regional Data

State Data

Several state forestry agencies in the Project Area have requested statewide forest change datasets. While the Project Team is working to enable this functionality within the web applications (i.e., users select a state, analysis window, and data are analyzed and provided), this functionality does not currently exist. However, the Custom Request application can be used in conjunction with desktop GIS to assemble these data. Each state had specific requirements for the analyses conducted and as a result, these data products can vary across states.

The table below lists the statewide forest change products that have been generated to date with download links for the data in Esri Map Package (.mpk) and ZIP archived file format (.zip). Esri Map Packages are intended for ArcGIS Desktop users, while the ZIP archives contain the data for use in other desktop GIS software (e.g., QGIS, GRASS, Google Earth Pro, etc.).


StateAnalysis Window*Download Links
ARGrowing Season 2015 - Growing Season 2016MPK   |   ZIP
FLDormant Season 2015 - Dormant Season 2016MPK   |   ZIP
FLDormant Season 2016 - Dormant Season 2017MPK   |   ZIP   |   KMZ
GAGrowing Season 2015 - Growing Season 2016MPK   |   ZIP
MSWithin 2015 Growing SeasonMPK   |   ZIP
SCWithin 2015 Growing SeasonMPK   |   ZIP
TNDormant Season 2015 - Dormant Season 2016MPK   |   ZIP

*Approximate analysis window. Dates may vary based on availability of cloud-free imagery.

Regional Data

Global Forest Change Project

Data from the Global Forest Change (GFC) project were downloaded from Google Earth Engine for the Southern Region and are available for download below. To learn more about GFC, refer to the website and associated journal article (Hansen et al., Science 2013).